About Us

About Us

Courtney Cash, Owner & President

of 'cause Digital Marketing & Advocats (& Dogs too!) has a knack for identifying, unlocking and amplifying profit potential in messy-brave, big-hearted pet brands who aim to make a positive impact. Her career began in the animal science and veterinary field, and since then she's spent 10+ years building a repertoire of digital skills.. earning the trust of big and small pet brands across the globe. She's worked with pet industry leaders, start-ups and solopreneurs, and has helped shape the marketing and communications strategies for global leaders. With a deft command of creativity and cultural references, filtered through an extensive knowledge of online marketing processes and social media trends, Courtney likes pulling big wins for her clients in the marketing + pet space. 

Courtney Cash, Owner of 'cause Digital Marketing

Meet the Team

Meet the Team
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Jodi Ross, Senior Marketing Specialist

Hi, I'm Jodi, a seasoned marketing professional with over a decade of experience focused on creating engaging digital campaigns tailored to the pet industry. My journey into this specialized field began when I assumed the position of head of marketing at Pet Rescue Rx, a Pet's Before Profits pharmacy known for its unwavering commitment to animal shelters and rescue groups. Thriving in an environment that champions giving back and prioritizing the well-being of pets, I quickly realized that this was where I belonged. This pivotal experience became the cornerstone for my next venture, 'cause Digital Marketing, where I seamlessly blend my deep affection for pets with my strategic marketing expertise. 

Susan Greene, Senior Copy & Content Creator

I'm Susan, client support, content creator, and copyeditor here at ‘cause Digital Marketing. With over 25 years of immersive involvement in the pet industry, I've transitioned my passion for animal welfare into the dynamic realm of digital marketing. Together with Courtney and her team of dedicated marketing strategists and creators, we help empower businesses to elevate their online footprint and achieve even greater success. 

My journey began as a boots-on-the-ground advocate for animal health, welfare, and rescue of both domestic animals and wildlife. I was privileged to be part of Petfinder.com's outreach team during its pioneering years as a groundbreaking tech startup, helping animal shelters navigate the transformative shift into digital communication and marketing. With multiple careers working with a diverse range of organizations, from nonprofits and solopreneurs to small businesses, colleges, and global corporations, I strongly believe that businesses and nonprofits thrive financially when they also maintain a strong connection to the passion that originally ignited their journey.

Today, armed with both extensive hands-on animal experience and expertise in business communication and marketing, I'm proud to be part of 'cause Digital team. Together, we're poised to strengthen your brand's digital footprint and business success, while staying true to the core mission that brought your business to life.

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cause digital marketing

Organizations we've collaborated with:

  • Petfinder

  • IDEXX Laboratories

  • Animal Planet

  • Petco

  • Pet Plan Pet Insurance

  • PetFirst Pet Insurance


  • TLC

  • Random House Publishing

  • Positively & Victoria Stilwell Academy

...and more

Our team's work has been featured by:

  • INC.com

  • TIME Magazine

  • Apple and iTunes (Top Staff Picks)

  • Search Engine Land

  • AAHA Trends (multiple cover stories)

  • DVM360 (Cover)

  • SheKnows (Column)

  • Pets + Magazine

  • The Humane Society (United States)

  • Maine Women Magazine

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