About 'cause Digital

About 'cause Digital

Fast Facts

Organizations we've collaborated with:

  • Petfinder

  • IDEXX Laboratories

  • Animal Planet

  • Petco

  • Pet Plan Pet Insurance

  • PetFirst Pet Insurance


  • TLC

  • Random House Publishing

  • Positively & Victoria Stilwell Academy

...and more

Our team's work has been featured by:

  • INC.com

  • TIME Magazine

  • Apple and iTunes (Top Staff Picks)

  • Search Engine Land

  • AAHA Trends (multiple cover stories)

  • DVM360 (Cover)

  • SheKnows (Column)

  • Pets + Magazine

  • The Humane Society (United States)

  • Maine Women Magazine

...and more

Project Accolades

Project Accolades
Women in the Pet Industry Rising Star Award


Women in The Pet Industry Rising Star Award

'cause digital Propel award winner


Award for Social Entrepreneurship



Webby Award Winner, People's Choice Award

Landy Search Engine Awards Finalist


Search Engine Awards, Small Business SEO

So, who's in charge around here?

So, who's in charge around here?

Hi, I'm Courtney Cash, Owner of 'cause Digital Marketing

Don't let the list above fool you, 'cause has worked hand-in-hand with a lot of small businesses, too. In fact, I'm a bit partial to the little guys...   

My marketing career began as the little guy. Ten years ago I was working 50+ hours a week in the pet health and behavior sector and coming home to managing blog and website content for our local animal rescue organization. I launched site after site and uploaded photo after photo of available pets all while working in an industry that was constantly demanding more.

By 2017 I had spent almost a decade exhausting every avenue available trying to make the changes and impact the pet industry was craving. I realized there was a bridge missing, and it was desperately needed for pet businesses, specifically. So, I went among the interwebs and found Jane, the Founder and creative-genius that launched 'cause into an industry-leading marketing firm, and I never looked back.

In between desperately trying to change the world and my paradoxical mission of conquest and kindness, I believe we should focus on our goals, the good, and making massive, positive change for pets and the businesses who cater to them, not the obstables that stand in our way - and there are A LOT in the pet space. In that pursuit I've had to use (and continue to use) a pair of deep-rooted characteristics: resilience and persistence. These two traits have helped me excel in more than a few areas of my life, and they are the most common of character traits for those working alongside me in the pet industry. 

Courtney Cash
cause digital marketing

Over the last 7.5 years we have...

grown exponentially, worked with industry leaders, start-ups and solopreneurs, and helped shape the marketing and communications strategies for global leaders. BUT, I will always have a place at 'cause Digital for the little guys, the small businesses, the ones who, like me, need a safe place to start growing their impact.

Prior to taking the reigns of 'cause in 2023, I spent six years building up a repertoire of digital skills. I worked on PPC advertising, social media management, content creation, and website development (among 3.2 trillion other things!) under some of the leading digital marketing experts in this industry. With a deft command of creativity and cultural references, filtered through an extensive knowledge of social media processes and trends, I create strategies and content our clients truly enjoy. Spending year after year tit-deep in the social media interwebs, I have masterminded how to mastermind a digital presence ROI.

I like pulling big wins (yay!) for our clients, in the digital marketing + pet space... Armed with plenty of coffee, an endless playlist of old school jams, enough monitors to make any optometrist cringe, and my old faithful character traits: resilience and persistence.

cause digital marketing

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