Pet Business Marketing

Pet Business Marketing

Does it ever feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions? Whether you’re a pet-industry corporate VP, a mid-sized pet business owner with a few dozen employees on your team, a solo Petpreneur or a heart-driven rescuer, you’re not alone. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the marketing options available these days.

Here at ‘cause Digital Marketing, we’ve amassed well-over over SIX DECADES of pet-industry experience and we’re marketing specialists who recognize a simple fact:

You don't have to do everything.
You don't have to be everywhere.
You don't have to be everything to everyone.

PET BUSINESS MARKETING works better when you're not.

This is why we’ve created this creative spot to help you do less and leverage all of the free digital

marketing goodies we’ve amassed for professionals just like you.

Your Pet Business Isn’t The Same As Coca-Cola, So Why Should Your Marketing Be?

Great pet business marketing strategy and “best practices” are distinct from other industries. While the technology may be the same (Facebook, SEO, email, etc.), the emotional connection pet businesses have with their communities and the expectations of those communities are different than other products. 

Your customers are trusting you with their family members, and building your pet business customer base has as much to do with earning that trust as it does providing the right product or service. 


Jane Harrell, our Founder, has 18+ years experience of creating content strategy and marketing for world-changing brands, like Petfinder, Positively and Victoria Stilwell Academy, IDEXX Laboratories, Animal Planet, and more. Her secret? She recognizes, reviews and collects the best marketing practices unique to the pet industry while understanding the technology that drives consumer and B2B marketing. Jane’s passion for data and her MVP-approach to marketing strategy has brought her multiple awards and she has been published on the covers of leading pet-industry publications. 

'cause digital
But don't just     take our word for it...

But don't just take our word for it...

this is what our clients say

this is what our clients say

"Working with Jane and her team was the best investment for my business! 'cause Digital's expertise in digital marketing, SEO and website navigation taxonomy helped generate a significant increase in visitors to my new website within one month! With her help, my monthly DIY Catio Plan sales increased by 150% the first month and 185% the second month after optimization!"

Founder, Catio Spaces

"The 'cause Digital Marketing team are experts at what they do and they are 100% worth the investment. Plus, they are kind, compassionate people who truly want to see their clients succeed!."

Westway Studios

"I like that I can now “sell without selling” by talking about what I know."

The Labs and Co

"Working with Jane is a breeze. She breaks things down in easy-to understand ways and truly cares about the people she works with. When you hire 'cause Digital Marketing, you're not just hiring a faceless business to which you'll only be a number; you're hiring a confidant, coach, teammates, and cheer squad who want to see YOU succeed!"

Solopreneur, Pet Photographer

Ok. Pet business marketing should be different, but how?

Ok. Pet business marketing should be different, but how?

Which channels, marketing technology and sales funnels will work best, and which should I invest in now? Here at ‘cause Digital we have literally hundreds of tools to help you pick the right path when marketing your pet business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, book your free 15 minute clarity session now.


...here are some easy and free tools created by our experts, as well as our sister brand, Working with Dog, to help you along your path:

Pet Business Revenue Miracle Grow: Moving from Surviving to Thriving During Uncertain Financial Times

As featured by Women In the Pet Industry! Contact us for a free download our Founder’s first-of-its-kind workbook to help you plant and feed your pet business’ financial future.

Pet Business Social Media Selector: Which Social Channel Is Right For Me?

As featured in Pets+ Magazine! Find out why so many pet businesses are burning cash on the wrong social media channels, then find out which one or two are best for you with our downloadable workbook.

Creating a Facebook Fundraiser for Marketing Pet Nonprofits

Developed for Jane’s speaking tour with the Humane Society of the United States, get step-by-step instructions for how nonprofits can create a winning virtual fundraiser.

URLs, Subdomains and Subfolders on Pet Business Websites: Which Do I Need?s

We get this question a lot, and getting it wrong on your website is… costly. Make sure to use this resource before spending thousands on a website that doesn’t work for your pet business.

30+ Opportunities to Build Your Authority Through Guest Writing

You’re an expert with a brilliant spin on your industry that’s all your own, but how do you let the world know? We’ve sniffed out and provided contacts for over 30 media outlets actively looking for your expert content.

10 Paths to Building Authority in Your Niche

To reach more customers, create trust, and get that “yes” you need to build authority. We’ll show you exactly what to focus on.

What is a Pet Influencer & How Do I Become One?

Whether your dream is to get invited to speak, make your dog into an Insta-star, or even change the world as a Pet Influencer, we can show you how to get there.

The Pets As Kids Revolution

As featured in Pet Product Marketing! Find out what the strengthening trend of “my pets are my kids” means for your business and the pet industry.

D.I.Y. Brand Guidelines

We’ll show you the power of branding! Here’s how to organize your visual brand goodies into a package that you can use to guide all your marketing adventures.

Getting Your First Sales As Your Pet Brand

When you are just starting out, you’ll need to strengthen your business relationship with your friends and current network contacts to get those first sales. We show you how to muster the courage to get started!

Create Your Pet Brand’s First Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ads drive traffic to your website and increase your audience engagement. It may seem scary, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ll walk you right through creating your very first ad campaign.

Need A Speaker or Expert?

We provided a place where experts in social media for animal shelters can offer their availability for speaking engagements and in some cases consulting. Need help? Check here!

Animal Welfare Event Calendar

The animal sheltering community has risen to the challenge of COVID-19 with online education and events that are mindful of social distancing. Keep up-to-date with learning opportunities on our event calendar.

That's not all!

Find even MORE at Social Media for Animals!

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