Our Services: DIY With Help

Our Services: DIY With Help
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How it works:

We support you and your team with master coaching, industry insights, templates, boosters and success path services to keep you heading in the right direction.

Options include >>

One-to-One Consulting

One-to-One Consulting


Is This Right? Blocker-Buster Marathon** Monthly 45-minute check-ins with our marketing experts to keep you on-track

Great for self-directed petpreneurs who need an extra oomph each month and help staying focused on what matters, the blocker-buster marathon is comprised of six 45 minute sessions, held once each month.

Session agenda is determined by the mentee ahead of time to tackle, bust through and provide accountability around key business goals and achievements.

Jane's no-nonsense coaching approach to doing good by doing well helps petpreneurs stay focused on the things that help them move their business forward in scalable, sustainable and achievable ways while making the most of the resources available.

Email support not included and any unscheduled sessions at the end of each month will still be charged to encourage accountability to achieve goals.

Investment Upfront ($299 session) Monthly ($399 session)

Pay Upfront

Min 6 sessions over 6 months
$ 299 per session

Pay Monthly

Min 6 sessions over 6 months
$ 399 per session

** Very limited availability. Offered by application and prior approval only. 6 month minimum commitment, with sessions scheduled 1 month in advance.


Block Buster Sprint: A Single-Topic Intensive Two one-hour sessions and a month of email support to get you going, fast

Perfect for the business owner who needs to understand and work through a smaller issue or understand a single channel better, our Blocker-Buster Sprint Sessions focus on getting you clear and strong results, fast.

Clients schedule a single two hour session or two one-hour sessions to help you review and tackle a specific challenge.

This time would be yours to bring an agenda and items we could review together, get feedback, brainstorm and leave with a clear action plan forward.

Includes one month of email support (emails answered within 2 business days) and two 15 minute blocker-buster calls, if needed, during that month.

Investment Single Payment ($1,499)

Pay Upfront

2 x 1 hour + 1 month email support
$ 1,499 single pay


Master Coaching & Success Path Creation 5 x 1.5 hour sessions to deep-dive and set you on the right course

Do you have a major business challenge that you're just not sure how to overcome?

Does it feel like you're trying to do everything and getting nowhere, or throwing spaghetti (and money) at the wall, but not understanding what sticks and what doesn't?

You might want to consider our master coaching and market opportunities program.

Over 6-12 weeks, you'll work 1:1 with Jane and other 'cause Digital experts to review key business goals, identify key metrics important for your goal (and your current status) and take a real-world, practical approach to getting there.

Market opportunities identification will take place as we review data for your business live, as requested. Master coaching sessions will each begin and end with homework for business owner based on data findings and sessions together.

The desired outcome is to end with a dedicated, personalized and data-driven plan and understanding in how to move forward, where to invest and what strategies to pursue for biggest impact.

Investment Single ($12,000) Discount Program ($7,999)

Pay Upfront

5 x 1.5 hour sessions
$ 12,000 single pay

Ask About 33% Discount Offer

7-day discount program
$ 7,999 single pay


Master Audit & Success Path Services Data review of 3 marketing channels & 4 x 1 hour advanced scheduled sessions

No time for homework, but need a clear direction and plan to get paddling? Consider our Done-For-You Master Audit and Success Path Package.

Over 6-12 weeks, Jane and the ‘cause Digital experts will work with you to:

  • Select a key business goal
  • Understand the most likely ways to achieve it
  • Provide a done-for-you opportunity audit document suggesting how to leverage up to 3 channels* to reach your goal, plus level of urgency and likely effort involved with each
  • Handoff a 12-18 month roadmap with dedicated milestones for you to take, run with and help you know what’s on-track as you work toward success
  • Homework may be given, but will be kept to a minimum, as this option focuses on having the ‘cause Digital experts do as much of the heavy lifting as possible
  • Core philosophies and processes of the ‘cause team will be leveraged to help you know clearly what’s happening now, what opportunities are available and which to say no to to help you focus and understand how to get more done with less

*Inclusion of SEO audits may reduce total number of channels reviewed

Investment Single option

Pay Upfront

Master Audit up to 3 channels
$ 15,000 single pay

Ask About 33% Discount Offer

7-day discount program
$ 9,999 single pay


Coaching Time 45 min sessions 2 x 1 hour sessions 5 x 1.5 hour sessions 4 x 1 hour sessions
By Application Only Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suggested For Month-to-month needs Single topic intensive Major business planning Major business planning
Agenda Brought By Mentee Shared Coach Coach
Email Support No Yes Yes Yes
Homework No Yes Yes Minimal
Analytics Review by Team No No No Yes
Starts At $299 per session $1,499 $7,999 $9,999


Digital Marketing Boosters

Digital Marketing Boosters

Need help with social media, Facebook Ads, or your email, blog and website content?

Do you feel like you have a good handle on most of your marketing, but need just a little boost and not sure how?  We can help.

Our team of digital and content marketing specialists have cracked the code in helping pet businesses like yours grow audiences, develop great content and get it done without breaking the bank.

Designed to help give you the boost you need, we take on the hardest parts of social and content strategy, allowing you to DIY what you’re great at to cut costs while keeping the quality high.

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Special Offer!

Sign up for any three of our Boosters at the same time and get a 6-month coaching package FREE!

(Savings valued at $1794).

Small Business Tools, Systems & Business Templates

Small Business Tools, Systems & Business Templates

We work hard to provide the best services at affordable prices, while maintaining stellar quality, expertise and dependability. Are you looking for training, templates and systems built specifically to help Petpreneurs build freedom and fulfillment in our lives.

Don't miss these resources, built specifically for you:


Working With Dog Helping petpreneurs achieve freedom and fulfillment in business and life

Our sister community at Working With Dog is filled with petpreneurs like you succeeding , growing and supporting each other's successes.

Community members get access to calls with our founder, Jane Harrell, 'cause Digital Marketing service discounts, as well as access to success path tools and templates proven to help you succeed.

Investment Monthly (Price from $99 month)


Want to Know What Pet Parents Are Talking About? The hottest pet and cause-related topics

We sniff the interwebs for the hottest pet and cause-related topics every day.

Sign up to get the best of the best trending news and quick marketing tips for how to use them to boost your business - for FREE!

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Need a custom-built system or new habit, just for you? It's no secret we geek out over systems here!

The fact that we geek out over systems here at 'cause Digital Marketing is no secret.

Heck, it's why we're able to do everything we do. But systems don't have to be YOUR thing for your business to succeed. We got you.

Let our team's experts get to know your team, and create a custom marketing system for your content production, email, sponsor pitches AND TRAIN YOU HOW TO USE IT moving forward.

Investment From $2,999

We sniff the interwebs for the hottest pet and cause-related topics every day. Sign up to get the best of the best trending news and quick marketing tips for how to use them to boost your business - FREE!


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