Meet Jane, Our Founder

Meet Jane, Our Founder

Fast Facts

Jane has 18+ years experience of leading content strategy and marketing for world-changing brands.

Working on both the corporate sales and social responsibility sides of world-leading brands has given her the opportunity to collaborate with a large assortment of organizations in the last two decades.

These organisations include:

  • Petfinder

  • IDEXX Laboratories

  • Animal Planet

  • Petco

  • Pet Plan Pet Insurance

  • PetFirst Pet Insurance


  • TLC

  • Random House Publishing

  • Positively & Victoria Stilwell Academy

...and more

Jane's work has been featured by:

  • INC.com

  • TIME Magazine

  • Apple and iTunes (Top Staff Picks)

  • Search Engine Land

  • AAHA Trends (multiple cover stories)

  • DVM360 (Cover)

  • SheKnows (Column)

  • Pets + Magazine

  • The Humane Society (United States)

  • Maine Women Magazine

...and more

Project Accolades

Project Accolades
Women in the Pet Industry Rising Star Award


Women in The Pet Industry Rising Star Award

'cause digital Propel award winner


Award for Social Entrepreneurship



Webby Award Winner, People's Choice Award

Landy Search Engine Awards Finalist


Search Engine Awards, Small Business SEO

jane harell

But here's what's MUCH more interesting...

Hi, I'm Jane Harrell, Founder of 'cause Digital Marketing


I've always loved the exploration of things. I am curious and data-loving by nature. As a child, I learned that what appears to be, and what it is, can sometimes be worlds apart.

I credit growing up in New York City and around the arts for helping me see this so clearly. I learned to solve problems by first tossing assumptions out, and then peering deeply into what is.

This natural curiosity became a life-long passion for looking deeper at the motivations, cultural inheritance and societal factors that create:

  1. True social change and
  2. Long-lasting financial support for meaningful projects

My life and career are dedicated to exploring the factors that cause real, lasting change AND create a life well-lived for those who devote themselves to it.

At ‘cause Digital Marketing, this pursuit drives me to help businesses and individuals re-invigorate their passions and take strategic action in a way that not only maximizes their business and career, but also their joy, and their life’s impact.

cause digital marketing


Eighteen years ago I was boots-on-the-ground, working my way through college as an adoption counselor at a local open-admission shelter.

Over my years there, I learned two things clearly:

  1. I love helping pets and the people who love them. Advocacy and education were my calling.
  2. If I had another box of kittens thrown at me by seemingly-uncaring members of the public, I was going to scream.

I had to find another way to contribute, and make a difference - but working at a shelter just wasn’t sustainable for me.

So what could I do?

Fate gave me a nudge not long after that by way of a drunk man at a bar. (I’ll tell you the story another time.)

But, what became apparent was that there was a serious need for people who both understood the pet space and could advocate among communities leveraging effective digital technology.

So, knowing it was the perfect fit for me, I prioritized filling that need and have been dedicated to that cause ever since.

Nearly two decades later, I’m still helping clients bridge the gap between their businesses and the communities they need to reach.

cause digital marketing


My marketing career began in the corporate world - working my way up at Petfinder.com and Discovery Communications from social media and blog manager to running the communications and strategy for the entire public-side of the website.

(At the time, the world’s second-largest pet website.)

My first project management for new digital products started in 2009, with the development of the brand’s very first iPhone app - which was named one of the top 10 apps of 2010 by TIME Magazine.

Later, I jumped over to global veterinary leader IDEXX Laboratories as the Head of Consumer Communication.

Tested and tried, I was ready to help people and organizations like yours find the best path to marketing success, so I jumped off the corporate ladder to start ‘cause Digital Marketing.

cause digital marketing


The business I have now - 'cause Digital Marketing - started out as a dream for me.

I wanted to find a sustainable and scalable way to make a positive impact for causes, work with people I love on projects we are great at and help clients, teams and businesses grow.

And we have grown as well!

Hitting our two-year financial goals in less than 1 year and becoming a multi-six-figure business in under 24 months, we work with a hand-selected group of clients on projects that are changing the pet industry, and the world. Together, we practice #sustainablerespect - our way of building relationships and success to last a lifetime.

cause digital marketing

Explore > Prioritize > Test > Grow

Our world here at 'cause revolves around a construct I call the Seven Directions of Mastery.

Bound together by a core background in advocacy, marketing and digital product development - and tested while running communications and marketing strategy for world leaders - this construct addresses the journey we must all go on to achieve true mastery in our lives and careers.

Explore, Prioritize, Test and Grow are the first four directions.

However, only our clients and partners know all seven...

If you're interested in learning more, and achieving mastery in your life and career...

If you have business or marketing problems that need solving, you have my personal invitation to get in touch.

We sniff the interwebs for the hottest pet and cause-related topics every day. Sign up to get the best of the best trending news and quick marketing tips for how to use them to boost your business - FREE!


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