World-Leading Corporations, With Heart

World-Leading Corporations, With Heart

As a leader, you understand your mission and have a strong corporate identity -- but you could really do with an extra pair (or several pairs!) of hands to get it all done.

You have way too much on your plate and struggle to find a marketing team who understands your market, audience, influencers and voice AND knows how to produce world-class creative, copy, campaigns and more for boosting your business.

You need a team you can trust and not have to manage too closely, or train. You want it done for you with as little effort or time on your side as possible. Of course you want strategic input, but having someone you can delegate a big project to, trust to understand your stakeholders and come to you with anything you need to help with, would be huge.

pet corporation

how we can help

‘cause Digital Marketing’s team of experts regularly help CEOs, SVPs, Directors and Senior Managers from some of the pet industry’s most influential brands get more done, and done right the first time.

We have an award-winning track record of delivering on-time, on-budget and with the nuances of true pet-industry professionals.

Our team specializes in the following Corporate Solutions:

  • Strategic input and advice on key market segments

  • Market trends and pet-specific research

  • Connections with key opinion leaders

  • Strategy for influencer and viral campaigns

  • B2B2C outreach

  • User-experience and digital-product review

  • Or simply several hundred new pages for the most important part of your website

this is what our corporate clients say

this is what our corporate clients say

"I've recently had the pleasure of working with ['cause] on a very large, timely, project for Animal Planet. The content [the team] provided and the effort [they] put in was everything [they'd] promised and more. [The team] worked independently and hit every deadline. [The team] was exceptionally thorough and I have no doubt I will enlist [their] help again in the not-too-distant future."

Executive Producer, Animal Planet

"They understand not only the pet industry and it's nuances, but also how and what kinds of benefits each digital tactic can bring to a pet business to make the biggest impact. They also do what they say they will do on-time and on-budget, every time. Highly recommended."

Founder, Petco's PetCoach

"Working with Jane and her team was the best investment for my business! 'cause Digital's expertise in digital marketing, SEO and website navigation taxonomy helped generate a significant increase in visitors to my new website within one month! With her help, my monthly DIY Catio Plan sales increased by 150% the first month and 185% the second month after optimization!"

Founder, Catio Spaces

"At IDEXX Jane took an emerging and turned in rapid order into the premier veterinarian-endorsed consumer destination, with minimal dollar investment. She managed to combine an entrepreneurial self-starter style with deep collaborative engagement with leaders throughout the company. [...] Jane is a loyal, positive, hard-working and enthusiastic leader. It was an absolute honor having her part of the team, and witnessing her success."

Former Corporate Vice President, IDEXX Laboratories

"Jane and her team at 'cause Digital Marketing have been a fundamental asset to our Company. From product feature reviews to shelter outreach, the team at 'cause Digital never failed to deliver above of our expectations. Jane's vast experience in content creation, influencer campaigns, and with the animal rescue space has saved us significant time and money. She always made herself available and her professionalism and work ethic is remarkable."

CEO, Besto
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