An Industry Shaker

An Industry Shaker

You are a strong-willed, big-thinker who has little patience with people who delay, phone it in or hold things up on process alone. You place value on expertise, drive, and willingness to really explore.

This passion for thinking about what’s possible, not just standard, has led you to work with some of the world’s largest pet organizations as an innovative leader or, perhaps, through a start-up or agency.

You believe in data, careful budgeting and thinking things through before investing, but the kinds of projects that you get excited about will transform the industry.

You value facetime in your team and being closely involved in the strategic processes of your business. You are looking for a partner and confidant who has a complementary network and view on the industry to your own to help you bring it to life.

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how we can help

Whether you need a strategic sounding board, or a soup-to-nuts marketing team that will build and launch a product for you, our team is here.

Our engagement process focuses on answering three key questions that produce award-winning results:

  • What is it now?

  • What could it be?

  • What should it be?

We work with you and dive into early-indicators and your analytics to help you better understand these three core questions, the options available and a laser focus on what’s most important to do, when.

Our data-centric approach and decades of pet-industry expertise provide the perfect counter-balance to your team as we imagine, explore, narrow and do what will makes the most impact for your pet business, and the industry at large.

this is what our agency clients say

this is what our agency clients say

"I've recently had the pleasure of working with ['cause] on a very large, timely, project for Animal Planet. The content [the team] provided and the effort [they] put in was everything [they'd] promised and more. [The team] worked independently and hit every deadline. [The team] was exceptionally thorough and I have no doubt I will enlist [their] help again in the not-too-distant future."

Executive Producer, Animal Planet

"They understand not only the pet industry and it's nuances, but also how and what kinds of benefits each digital tactic can bring to a pet business to make the biggest impact. They also do what they say they will do on-time and on-budget, every time. Highly recommended."

Founder, Petco's PetCoach

"Jane and I have collaborated on many projects in the pet content marketing space over the years, and I'm always looking for new reasons to work together! Jane is a gifted strategist with a high "get-it-done" factor: The ability to build an effective digital plan, mobilize the best team to do it, and see that every tactic is acted upon. She's also a complete pleasure to work with, and finding those two traits in one person is rare."

Former Editor-In-Chief, Pet360

"Working with Jane and her team was the best investment for my business! 'cause Digital's expertise in digital marketing, SEO and website navigation taxonomy helped generate a significant increase in visitors to my new website within one month! With her help, my monthly DIY Catio Plan sales increased by 150% the first month and 185% the second month after optimization!"

Founder, Catio Spaces
Team Member Awards

Team Member Awards

Women in the Pet Industry Rising Star Award


Women in The Pet Industry Rising Star Award

Landy Search Engine Awards Finalist


Search Engine Landy Awards, Small Business SEO



Webby Award Winner, People's Choice Award

'cause digital in time magazine


iOS app recognition Top 10 from Time Magazine

'cause digital Propel award winner


Award for Social Entrepreneurship

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