A Leader, With Heart

A Leader, With Heart

No one around you can question your passion. In fact, it’s what got you into the pet industry to begin with. As the leader of a small-to-mid-size pet brand, you likely had a career before this one, but encountered something that changed everything.

You’ve found a calling and you feel deeply compelled to make it your life’s work. You started your business to solve a problem you could see that no one else seemed to be resolving, so you stepped up.

But that’s where things got murky.

You have your message and a mission, but you might struggle with how to bring it to life. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by all the choices, have a limited budget or are not really sure how to scale what you’re doing. You might not know how to get your first clients, sponsors or corporate/nonprofit partners.

You probably aren’t 100% sure WHAT it is you need, but you know something needs to change. You deserve a partner who’s going to help you create a thriving, financially-rewarding business that realizes your passion and brings your message to the world.

leader with heart
leader with heart

how we can help

Hi, I'm Jane Harrell, Founder of 'cause Digital Marketing and I get it.

Small business petpreneurs

You didn’t get into this business to be the world’s best marketer. In fact, it’s likely THE LAST thing you actually want to spend time on.

I started out 16 years ago, working boots-on-the-ground in animal shelters and a lot like you. I wanted to make an impact, but realized something needed to change.

Thankfully, I’m a big word and data geek, so I went back to school to become a digital marketer and advocate for the pet industry.

Since then, I’ve run the public side of a pet website that gets over 120 million page views a month, overseen consumer strategy for a world-leader in veterinary diagnostics and won a bunch of honors and acclaim (check some of them out on our home page).

Most recently I grew a start-up into a multi-six-figure business in under two years.

But through all of that, I’ve been teaching and training small pet businesses and I just LOVE working with small businesses, pet publishers and pet influencers like you.

The ‘cause Digital Team and I have created a slew of affordable, effective and AH-MAAAAAAZ-ING ways to help you get clear, get focused and get it done.

Why? Because helping you change the lives of pets and the people who love them is what gets me up in the morning. It’s the calling I’ve followed for 16 years now, and I’m here to show you how to do it, your way.


Our coaching process and done-for-you resources have helped small-business clients:

  • Increase sales 150% in one month

  • Decrease marketing costs by 75%

  • Grow their audience 750% entirely organically


Through a variety of done-with-you and done-for-you services and products. Several of them are even 100% free. Yes. FREE.

So check out the Just for You resources below, get great insight and advice with our free tools and check out the next steps you can take to boost your pet business to the next level.

Just For You

Just For You

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