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A Change-Maker

A Change-Maker

You have lived with the idea that marketing is a ‘dirty word’ for most of your life and career. You might not even know what “marketing” means, exactly.

But now you have a project close to your heart where advocacy, audience building, and scalable marketing tactics are critical - and you need help. You’re not even sure exactly what is needed, but you know you don’t like the salesy sense you get from marketing firms you’ve heard from in the past.

You need someone who just ‘gets’ you and understands your cause and your passion. You need someone to help you, but they must deeply understand your cause and the science behind social change movements in order to bring them into your inner circle.

how we can help

Hi, I'm Jane Harrell, Founder of 'cause Digital Marketing and I created 'cause for you.

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Why? Because I’ve too-often been in the same spot.

I started out as an advocate before I was ever a marketer, and got into marketing communications because I saw the critical need for someone to help bridge the gap between amazing and life-changing projects - and the marketing techniques that help them change the world.

Making a positive impact in the world through you and your calling is what I do, and why I brought together a diverse and proven team of experts to do it with you.

We’ll work with you to help anwer three critical questions for any social change movement:

  • What is it now?

  • What can it be?

  • What should it be?

Our team has studied social change and marketing best-practices, not because we dreamt of being marketers, but because we dream of changing the world, and a deep understanding of the science of social movements helps us do just that.

Together, we’re artists, advocates, academics, scientists and dreamers, all poised and ready to bring your vision to market in a sustainable, impactful and ethical way.

So I personally invite you to get in touch, tell us about your dream and challenges, and find out what’s possible.

I really look forward to it.

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