Leveraging Instagram Stories to Boost Your Brand


Navigating the world of Instagram Stories can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially with constant updates and features being rolled out. However, by knowing a few nifty tricks, you can elevate your story game and truly engage with your audience.

Here are some Instagram story tricks you might not know, but should definitely try:

1. Hide Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Visibility is essential on Instagram stories. Hashtags can significantly boost your reach, but they can also disrupt the visual flow. However, there’s an Instagram hack that allows you to reap the benefits of hashtags without compromising aesthetics.

These are the steps to hide hashtags in the Instagram story background:

  1. Tap the + icon located at the top right of your feed.
  2. Select “Story.”
  3. Pick an image from the camera roll you want to feature on your Instagram story.
  4. Introduce hashtags either using the hashtag sticker or by typing them out as text.
  5. Select the hashtag text, and using a pinch gesture, shrink it down until it’s no longer visible.

Pro Tip: This method also works for location tags and mentions, allowing you to keep all your Instagram stories sleek and visually appealing. Use your cloak of invisibility for good, though, and don’t abuse your power!

2. Automatically Enable Captions for Your Instagram Stories

Instagram’s auto-caption feature can be amazing, especially in our sound-off, mobile-first world.

Here are some of the benefits of using captions in your posts:

  • Increased engagement: Many users browse their feeds in silent mode, especially when they’re in public spaces or multitasking.  With captions, they can still connect with your content’s context, boosting views and interactions.
  • Accessibility: By including captions, you cater to the hearing-impaired community, ensuring everyone can enjoy your content. It’s 2024 – this is necessary.
  • Clearer communication: Sometimes, audio clarity can be compromised due to background noise or poor recording conditions. Captions ensure your message gets across clearly regardless of audio quality.

3. Change the Order of Your Instagram Stories Highlights

By default, every new addition to your Instagram story highlights brings that particular highlight to the forefront of your profile. But often, this automatic arrangement might not align with your branding or marketing objectives. For instance, a strategically vital “Shop” highlight would ideally be the first thing users see.

Here’s a workaround to reorder your Instagram story highlights:

  1. Navigate to a highlight on your profile and tap on it.
  2. Choose “Edit Highlight.”
  3. Access your archived Instagram stories by tapping on the “Archive” tab.
  4. Select an old Instagram story to add to your highlight, then tap “Done.”

As Instagram continues to evolve, adapting and utilizing these hacks can be the difference between a stagnant and a thriving online presence. Don’t wait for the competition to get ahead. Dive into these Instagram insights and give your social media strategy the boost it deserves.

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