Pet Business Marketing

Pet Business Marketing

Happy Clients Are Happy to Help: How Can I Leverage Existing Clients For New Work?

Steps to growing your business by using established clients for marketing. Ideas for getting the people you already have in your corner to work for you.

Simplifying Gift Cards Purchases to Get an Easy Yes

Gift cards are a great way to generate quick revenue and expand your consumer base or reward current consumers, if you know how to sell them properly. Selling for a specific dollar amount is standard in gift card sales, however there are plenty of service-based pet businesses—groomer, walker, sitter, day care, photographer, or any mobile …

Simplifying Gift Cards Purchases to Get an Easy Yes Read More »

Why Fixing Your Website Won’t Fix Your Marketing Woes

Looking into why a new website may not be producing the results you want and examinining alternatives that may be effective for marketing.

URLs, Subdomains & Subfolders For Pet Businesses: What Are They and How Do They Impact Me?

Exploring subdomains versus subfolders in the pet business world. Take a look at understanding both to compare and decide which will work best for you.

small business partnership

How Do Small Businesses Make Profitable Use of Partnerships?

Profitable business partnerships are a bit of our secret sauce and also a key part of how the ’cause business has grown to a profitable, 16-person cause-marketing agency in under three years. Here are some key questions to ask yourself before embarking on a strategic business partnership.

pet business leadership

What Leads to Long-term Careers and Leadership in the Pet Industry?

Behind every successful business is excellent leadership. From a start-up to an organization with decades under its belt, good leaders inspire their people to the top of their field. We had the chance to ask some of our favorite veteran pet-industry entrepreneurs and leaders the following question ‘What is the one lesson you’ve learned that you’ve found most important to your success?’

Want Excellent Online Reviews, Petpreneur? Use These 6 Simple Steps

Most pet professionals detest online reviews. You know potential clients will be reading them – so they can’t be ignored – yet just thinking of reading or asking for reviews adds a whole new level of stress.  Our founder, Jane Harrell, recently showed Pets+ Magazine how to amp up your online reviews and eliminate that stress. …

Want Excellent Online Reviews, Petpreneur? Use These 6 Simple Steps Read More »

The ’cause Digital Marketing Veterinary Client Perception Survey 2018

In attempt to measure and analyze how dog and cat owners perceive their veterinary clinics, and their understanding of the clinic’s involvement in good works, ‘cause Digital Marketing launched a Veterinary Client Survey in August of 2018. The results provided a baseline for what clients and pet owners perceived to be true about their pet organizations.

Maine Women Magazine Reveals Passion Behind ‘cause Digital Marketing

Not long ago, our Founder, Jane Harrell, was featured in Maine Women Magazine as a passionate digital marketer who found a calling helping others fulfill their calling. From climbing the corporate ladder to launching (and exceeding all projected goals) with ‘cause Digital Marketing’s growth, Jane continues to display her passion for helping pet businesses establish and define their brand’s purpose.

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