Instagram offers businesses the chance to connect with potential customers. By taking an intentional, strategic approach to the types of content your’re sharing you can significantly grow your business impact on Instagram.

Instagram Content and the Customer Journey

Carefully balancing three types of content throughout your customer journey helps smoothly guide Instagram followers down the path to becoming paying customers or clients.

Content to Attract: This content should focus on drawing in and engaging new audience members who may just be discovering your brand, product, or service for the first time. Effective forms of this content leverage popular trends and interest areas loosely related to your core niche. The emphasis here is more on establishing an initial emotional connection or capturing attention rather than teaching complex skills or showcasing your expertise.

Content to Nurture: Once you have attracted followers through your engaging content, the next step is to nurture content. Here the focus shifts to building deeper relationships with your followers by sharing your specialized knowledge, expertise, and insights around common problems your target audience faces. Addressing real needs and delivering true value establishes greater trust and credibility for your pet business.

Content to Convert: After you have built awareness, familiarity, and credibility with attract and nurture content, you can then transition select followers into actual customers or clients using sell content. This type of content directly promotes your core products, services, special offers, opt-ins, or other calls to action. The selling happens once leads are already warmed up and receptive to your brand.


Automate Accordingly

A powerful technique to boost conversions from your Instagram content is to leverage direct message (DM) automation tools. This involves setting up automated triggers to deliver targeted DMs when followers engage with your content in specific ways, such as commenting with certain keywords.

For example, if someone comments “Offer” on one of your Instagram posts, you can set up a trigger to automatically send them a DM with a special discount code or link to claim a promotional offer. Other common uses are sending followers links to opt-in landing pages, free content upgrades, shopping links, or booking forms.

Automating these types of messages and offers in response to triggers boosts engagement, which the Instagram algorithm favors in terms of future reach and visibility. It also helps streamline your lead generation process directly within the Instagram messaging experience.

Optimize Continually

As with most marketing channels and campaigns, the key is to continually optimize your Instagram content approach over time. Consistently analyze key performance indicators and available data from the different types of Instagram posts you publish to identify what specific content formats, topics, and themes seem to resonate best with your audience.

Then double down on what works by finding ways to incorporate those elements more prominently across both new content as well as updates or revisions to older evergreen content. The best part about marketing is that the data doesn’t lie! Your metrics will tell you exactly what content is – or isn’t – working. Pivot accordingly and voila!

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