30+ Opportunities to Build Your Authority Through Guest Writing

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You’re bright, you’re driven, you’re insightful—you’ve got a unique spin on your industry. You’re an expert and you know you have something awesome to share! But how do you let the world know? 

Guest writing for established blogs and media outlets can launch your name and ideas onto respected platforms in a strategic way, and your featured articles can bring new traffic to your own site.

Why do media outlets want to feature both unknown authors and established experts on their site? NEW authors bring NEW ideas, and that diversity is exactly what sites are looking for. And of course, lots of quality content is great for a site’s SEO.

We’ve done the hard work for you, because the internet is absolutely stuffed with irrelevance when you are looking for elusive writing ops. The ‘cause Digital Marketing team has sifted through hundreds of web pages to find media outlets that are actively accepting quality guest posts—over 30 of them. We’ve done the tedious part and tracked down all those writer’s guideline pages for you, along with a snapshot of what each blog is looking for and whether or not they accept backlinks.

And we’ve laid them out for you below, literally from A to Z. 

The sites themselves do their best to help you, too, by laying out clear writer’s guidelines. They are all quite different, so read carefully and don’t try to force your idea—no matter HOW amazing—onto an editor who has clearly said “Nope and nope” in their guidelines. It’s up to you to be certain you fit before you pitch. You don’t want the editors to pitch YOU…right into the virtual garbage can. 

With so many different opportunities available, there’s absolutely no need for that!

Before you submit your pitch or article, get comfy and settle in to read existing posts on the sites that interest you. You’ll get a good idea of the topics and tone they publish. You’ll learn about their audience and can ask yourself: is it the one I want to reach and will they follow me to my own blog or website? 

If the media outlet is a match for you, it will be time well-spent reading articles from other thought leaders in your industry.

Target those sites that match your magic. Your sharp eye is why you’re an expert in your industry. We can’t wait to see your articles online, so be sure to let us know here when you are published!

Oh, and you Petpreneurs? Look for the to find sites that welcome pet-related content. We’ve got you on our special radar!

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30+ Guest Writing Opportunities with Guidelines

3 Million Dogs

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here
  • Must know the basics of WordPress and enjoy writing about dogs. Send an email to stories@poolhouse.ca with two articles you’ve written (or links to two blog articles that you’ve written).

allBusiness  offers real-world expertise and practical advice for small businesses

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here. If you are interested in writing regularly, consider their AllBusiness Expert program.
  • Content must be original and may not have been published elsewhere. “You may post your articles only on your own site after the content has been live on AllBusiness.com for 21 days.”
  • Links to your website and social channels are allowed in your bio.
  • Submit via the Guest Post Application button on their writer’s guidelines page.

BlogEngage is a blog syndication and blogging community where all bloggers submit their latest blog articles for exposure, backlinks and traffic. Submitted articles are read and voted on by users, and article that receive enough votes are published. Topics include business, art, design, blogging, entertainment, personal, health, technology, education and video blogging.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here. 
  • Content must be unique and may not have been submitted or published elsewhere.
  • Links are permitted. 
  • There are pricing plans to register with this community.

Bplans looks for solid writing by experts with an educational aim on topics including starting a business: business plans, ideas, and financials.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original, 1,000 words minimum, with sources cited.
  • Content must educate and not promote a product, service or company. A bio and link to your website is included.
  • Pitch your idea using the form on their writer’s guidelines page. Do not send full articles.

Business Insider  and Insider want great, ambitious narrative journalism with tension and drama.

Content Marketing Institute advances the practice of content marketing and is looking for professionals with B2B and B2C content marketing at mid to large size organizations.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original and not published elsewhere. Cite original sources.
  • Limit links to 1-2 per article, and disclose your relationship. Ungated links to blogs and articles must illustrate a point.
  • Submit via form, here

Cracked publishes creative comedy

Daily Blog Tips accepts guest posts on blogging and internet marketing.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original and not published elsewhere. You may not republish it elsewhere.
  • You can include one link in the byline.
  • Email your post, if it meets the writer’s guidelines, to daniel@dailyblogtips.com. Please include the post in the body of the email itself, or as a .doc attachment.

Dog Naturally Valuable, credible information on nutrition, holistic health care, homeopathy, etc.

Dumb Little Man publishes self-help and motivational content.

Elephant Journal publishes content about the mindful life, yoga, sustainability, ecofashion, the arts, etc.    

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Will accept republished content if 20% tweaked, plus other requirements. Check the writer’s guidelines. 
  • Search on Elephant Journal  before linking outside.
  • Log in and submit articles here.

Entirely Pets

Entrepreneur  Advice entrepreneurs can use.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • 700-1000 words. Content must be original. Cite and link to original sources. 
  • No paid links or mentions. No self-promotion.
  • Submit your pitch here.

HubSpot  publishes topics that marketers care about: hiring, team development, job hunting, writing, design, math, and larger internet trends, etc.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original, not published elsewhere, and have proper attribution of sources.
  • No more than one link to your company’s site in the body of your post. Link to 3-5 other HubSpot posts in your post.
  • Submit to the email address listed on the writer’s guidelines page.

Huffington Post

iamwire invites views, ideas and research on Business, Technology & Self Management globally.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be your original work, data must be up to date. You can submit your post even if it has been published elsewhere.
  • Promotional posts are not accepted. 
  • Submit your article via the form on their writer’s guidelines page.

IncomeDiary accepts content for experts on “creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media or making money online.”

John Chow prefers topics on blogging and making money online although other topics are welcome. 

Lifehacker  and Hackerspace

Make a Living Writing accepts content on blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting, self-publishing and related topics.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Pays for posts and “reserves the right to reprint your post on other sites of mine, and in future books or e-books I create.”
  • Submit your pitch to the email address listed on the writer’s guidelines page. Read the writer’s guidelines closely as there are restrictions and “open pitch” opportunities.

Mashable features coverage of some startups.

Medium is an online publishing platform. You can choose to make your posts eligible for curator review and distribution behind Medium’s paywall.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here. You can also join the Medium Partner Program.
  • Writing and images must be original or used by permission and cited; duplicate content is not permitted.
  • Information on commercial content can be found here. Writers may promote themselves and their products/services in their writer bio, not in the story.
  • Users can create a new account using a Facebook or Google account. Users may also sign up using an e-mail address, 

One Green Planet publishes content that helps to create a world  “where we eat delicious food and use amazing products that provide us with maximum benefit and have minimum impact on the planet.”

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original and exclusive to One Green Planet. They suggest 500-750 words.
  • Posts that are primarily promotional in nature are not accepted. All original sources and references must be hyperlinked. Writers must disclose any compensation by a brand/company.
  • Submit using the form link included on the writer’s guidelines page.

Petful publishes “well-researched, comprehensive articles from experts — professional dog trainers, cat groomers, veterinarians and more.”


Read Write seeks “guest contributors to enhance our relevant content with current, valuable information about topics like transport, smart cities, fintech, connected devices, industrial, health and more.”

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • 1,300 to 3000 words. Content must be original.
  • The first two links in each article must link to Read Write content. Use third-party links for external perspectives and data and “please do not overtly self-promote.” You must disclose your relationship with any company or person you mention.
  • Apply to become a contributor here.

Schnauzers Rule is an all-inclusive website for Schnauzer lovers.

Smashing Magazine publishes content typically from web designers and developers.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original. They do not publish contributor articles that are clearly content marketing. Contact them if you are interested in a sponsored post.
  • No promotional links are allowed.
  • Send your pitch outline via their contact form.

StartUpBros focuses on “in-depth, media-rich ‘how-to’ content, with a special emphasis on action-ability (and engagement)” for entrepreneurs.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original, in depth and relevant, and more than 1500 words.
  • You are allowed two links to your website in the body of the post. They do not offer sponsored posts. You may cross-link to authority sites, but not to a landing page that requires an opt-in.
  • Submit using the form on the writer’s guidelines page.

Tech Walls is looking for “good original quality articles on technology and internet” from writers who will post regularly on their site.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original, and may not have been reproduced anywhere, including your own blog. Articles should be at least 600 words.
  • No irrelevant outbound links.
  • Their contact info can be found here.

Tech Wyse is looking for insightful and actionable content on these and other topics: SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, website analytics and website design.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Your blog post must be original. You are expected to reply to comments and questions from readers.
  • Avoid self-promotion. Tech Wyse states “we do not prefer guest posts made for the purpose of link building alone.”
  • Submit via email, in the format and to the email outlined on the writer’s guidelines page.

The Muse shares career and job search expertise.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original and may not have been posted elsewhere.
  • Does not publish content that promotes a specific company or brand. No unnatural in-line links or link building.
  • Email your pitch to the email address listed on their writer’s guidelines page in the format provided there.

Thought Catalog publishes subjects that impact daily life. “We primarily discuss and write about all things related to relationships, breakups, mental health, beauty, self-improvement, astrology, creepy entertainment, and much more.”

Wag the Dog looks for original personal dog-related experience, for example, pet-friendly travel.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content should be 400 – 600 words.
  • A guest post can have a maximum of two links to a personal website or blog promoting themselves or a charity event. All other links to “business sites, affiliate sites, products and services will come under our sponsored post guidelines and require a fee.”
  • Submit your pitch via the form or email on their writer’s guideline page.

Write to Done looks for “insanely useful content” for writers.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Content must be original Your post cannot be republished elsewhere.
  • Must link to at least two articles already posted on Write to Done. “You can link to your blog and a product of yours that is offered free to WTD readers.” Affiliate links are not permitted.
  • Submit by emailing the address listed on the writer’s guidelines page with the outline and information requested.

Writer’s Digest celebrates the writing life and what it means to be a writer in today’s publishing environment.

  • You’ll find their writer’s guidelines here.
  • Be sure to read the pitch guidance for the various sections of the magazine. For technical articles, writers must have published successfully in the area they’re writing about. No reprints of articles previously published in other writing magazines are permitted.
  • Send email queries to the email address and with the information requested on their writer’s guidelines page.


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