5 Strategies to Boost Your Instagram Growth


When it comes to social media, Instagram stands as a colossal force. With its massive base of Instagram users, it’s more than just a platform; it’s an ever-evolving digital ecosystem. Falling behind on strategies can lead to a stagnant Instagram feed, decreased engagement, and potentially lost Instagram followers.

Here’s why being aware of the latest Instagram tips is crucial:

  • You can craft up-to-date Instagram posts: To keep your Instagram feed posts and content strategy captivating and relevant, it’s essential to use the latest features. The Instagram app frequently introduces tools that, when used right, can dramatically enhance engagement.
  • You’ll be able to outshine your competition: There’s a high chance your competitors are deploying new hacks. Familiarize yourself with the newest trends to remain a frontrunner in the social media race.
  • You can enhance user experiences: The Instagram app constantly aims to improve user interactions. By embracing the updates, you offer your followers an optimized experience, making them more likely to stay and interact.
  • You can seize trending moments: Trends on Instagram can come and go in a flash. Being updated enables you to tap into these moments swiftly, appealing to both your existing Instagram followers and potential new ones.
  • You can understand your audience: The behavior of Instagram users evolves over time. Adjust your strategies to resonate with their changing preferences to maintain loyalty.
  • You can deepen audience relationships: The Instagram app provides unique ways to bond with your audience. Q&A sessions, polls, and other interactive elements help solidify genuine connections through these tools.

In the ever-competitive world of social media, staying ahead on Instagram is essential. Learn how to optimize your profile and the way you use Instagram for better visibility.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Appear in The Explore Tab

Your Instagram account’s bio isn’t just a space for catchy phrases or contact information; it’s a valuable real estate that can boost your discoverability.The Explore tab on Instagram showcases content tailored to user preferences, including profiles. When you use relevant keywords and hashtags in your bio, it increases the chances of your profile showing up for users who might be interested in content related to those terms.

Here’s how we integrated keywords such as “marketing” and “digital marketing” in our Instagram bio:

'cause digital marketing Instagram Bio example

Here are some tips to optimize the bio of your Instagram account:

  • Identify keywords: Think about words related to your brand, niche, or industry that users might search for.
  • Incorporate keywords: Integrate these keywords naturally into your bio. Avoid cramming; the text should still read smoothly.
  • Use hashtags sparingly: While you can include hashtags, don’t overdo it. One or two relevant and popular hashtags are sufficient.
  • Update regularly: As trends and search patterns evolve, revisit and tweak your bio accordingly.

Your Instagram account is the digital storefront of your personal brand or business. A well-optimized profile not only captures attention but also directs users to engage in meaningful ways. While the basics are crucial—like a compelling bio, recognizable profile picture, and cohesive feed aesthetics—there are advanced tweaks that can amplify your presence…

2. Add Another Instagram Account to Your Bio (if it applies)

Your Instagram bio is one of the first things visitors see, and it’s an excellent spot to guide them to other profiles associated with you or your brand. Whether you have a secondary account, a sister brand, or you’re collaborating with another creator, linking directly from your bio creates a seamless experience for your followers. Plus, it’s an effortless way to drive more traffic to other profiles you’re connected with.

Here’s how to link another profile to your Instagram account’s bio:

  • Open your Instagram app and head to your profile.
  • Tap on “Edit Profile” right below your profile picture.
  • In the bio section, start typing the username you wish to link. Remember to add the @ symbol before the username.
  • Once you’ve entered the desired profile handle, tap “Done” in the top right corner to save changes.

By integrating this simple technique, you make it easier for your followers to explore other facets of your brand or collaborations, enriching their overall Instagram experience with you.

3. Plan and Schedule Your Instagram Content Ahead

Consistency on Instagram is more than just a buzzword; it’s the backbone of a successful strategy that keeps your audience engaged and returning for more. However, juggling between content creation and daily responsibilities can make consistent posting a daunting task.

Setting up a monthly or weekly content calendar helps you visualize and organize your posts. This ensures you maintain a balance in content types, themes, and posting frequency. Allocate specific days for different types of posts, be it testimonials, product launches, or user-generated content.

Instagram has evolved far beyond just posting pictures. To truly engage your audience and stand out in a crowded feed, it’s essential to know the tricks of the trade…

Manually posting every day might not be feasible, especially during peak engagement times. This is where scheduling tools come into play. These platforms allow you to upload, write captions, and set timings for your posts in one go.

4. Engage with Other Instagram Accounts

Simply posting content on your Instagram account is not enough. The true essence of social media lies in the word “social.”

Engaging with other Instagram accounts can be beneficial for a couple of reasons:

  • Build authentic relationships: By interacting with other accounts, you create a two-way communication channel. This can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, or just a loyal follower base that appreciates your active involvement.
  • Get algorithmic advantages: Instagram’s algorithm favors profiles that are highly interactive. By engaging with others, you signal to Instagram that your account is active and valuable, potentially leading to better visibility on your followers’ feeds.
  • Expand your reach: Engaging, especially with accounts in your niche or related fields, can introduce you to their follower base. It’s an organic way to get your profile noticed by potential new followers.
  • Staying updated: Regular interaction allows you to stay in tune with current trends, audience preferences, and emerging influencers in your field.

5. Turn Your Instagram Grid into an Online Shop

If you run an ecommerce business, you can’t ignore the power of Instagram shopping. It’s a straightforward way to turn your Instagram posts into a virtual storefront. Just tag products in your photos, and voila, users can shop directly from them.

Here’s something to consider: 70% of Instagram users browse the platform for shopping inspiration. So, by tapping into the Instagram shoppable posts, you’re positioning your business account right where potential customers are looking. Start utilizing this tool and potentially see a surge in your site’s traffic.

Here are a few more ways to boost your organic growth on Instagram:

  • Pin top comments: Highlight positive engagement by pinning up to three comments on your posts.
  • Archive posts: Instead of deleting, archive posts to hide them from your profile while retaining their data.
  • Keyword search: Beyond account names and hashtags, use the search bar to look up keywords in post captions.

How are you growing your Instagram?

Getting more followers  and engagement on Instagram isn’t going to happen by accident or overnight. The tips above can help you build the foundation for an organic following that actually engages with you. Putting these tips into action is so much easier with an expert who knows the platform like the back of their hand.

Want to talk about how we can help you boost your Instagram growth? Contact us here! Want more Instagram tips? Check out these three ways to leverage Instagram Stories to boost your brand.

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