Dealing With Online-Haters? Use These 5 Tactics To Counteract Negative Reviews

dealing with online haters, how to deal with negative online reviews

Most pet professionals detest online reviews – especially negative ones that, these days, can make or break your business. Fear not, Petpreneur, our Founder, Jane Harrell, recently showed Pets+ Magazine how you can turn those online haters into a big positive for your business. Here’s a sneak peek on where to start:

  1. Monitor your online reviews at least weekly. 
  2. Say thank you for each positive review. 
  3. Never respond to a negative review with your gut. 
  4. Implement the changes you need to. 
  5. Ask your loyal customers for help when needed. 

Get all the details in the full article here, and see how Jane herself has turned an online attack into a positive win for her business. 

BONUS: If you want to learn how to turn your review stress into strategic action for more positive reviews, speak to us or hop on over to this article where Jane features six simple steps to getting great online reviews

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