Interview with INC.com: These 5 PPC Advertising Blunders Will Cost You


“Set it and forget it” is a common misconception for pet brands trying to gain leverage in the digital marketing world, but it can cost you. Our Founder, Jane Harrell, was recently interviewed by INC.com, and shared the top 5 online ad mistakes we see businesses committing all the time.

Promoting your business through Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or other online platforms creates a vast opportunity to sink as much as it does swim. If you’re not getting the results you were anticipating, you might be:

    • Picking the wrong platform for your product.
    • Trying to drive traffic to a platform that’s competitive with your ad platform.
    • Targeting your audience with too many specifics.
    • Bidding against yourself and driving the price up.
    • Leaving the same ad unchanged for too long.

If you’re currently stuck in any one of these 5 online advertising no-no’s, definitely read the full interview on INC.com.

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