The Secret Reason I’ll Always Be a Pet Writer

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So enthused! A friend just sent me this screenshot of my new SheKnows Media article on their home page. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, SheKnows is a well-established and respected women’s brand reaching 12-14 million readers per month. So I couldn’t have been more thrilled when asked if I could help provide the site with some fun pet articles.

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But what does this all have to do with digital marketing for the pet industry, you might ask? After all, ’cause Digital Marketing is the money-making brand that supports me, right? Yes! And the answer is lots.

I know a few ’cause Digital clients have been especially surprised to find out about our publishing arm for animal advocates, AdvoCats, a now nearly-50,000-strong group of US pet owners dedicated to making a difference. Certainly, when I left being Editor-in-Chief for Pet Health Network to start a digital marketing firm catering to pet brands that make a real impact, I never imagined I’d have such a chance to return to my writing roots so often. Nor did I expect to be writing for great brands like American Animal Hospital Association, DVM360, PetCoach, Veterinary Practice News and others so frequently.

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But there’s the key — these are all channels that expect and deserve the best, and writing for them keeps not only me, but the whole ’cause Digital research and marketing team on our toes.

pet writing

In the last six months, we’ve been honored to write about topics like veterinary practice marketing, pet health technology and communications services, how to leverage new services to get new pet-owning clients, Facebook for pet businesses, increasing pet parent loyalty and, most recently, the advent of “DogSplaining.” (This last is definitely a personal favorite.) For each subject, industry research had to be done, interviews conducted, studies reviewed and – in a few cases – independent research performed. For each audience, we had to look at that group’s needs and interests and brainstorm how to reach them. And that made us better at what we do — as digital marketing experts, pet-industry professionals and social profiteers.

It forces us to perpetually learn and grow and challenge our own expertise, all while following the strict journalistic ethics and standards.

And I couldn’t be more grateful or dedicated to that. You might even call it a key ingredient in our “secret sauce” here at ’cause Digital.

Keep an eye out for more from the ’cause Digital team. Exciting things are coming.

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