Taking Flight: A Year into the Social Profit Experiment

taking flight with social profit

A year ago today I jumped off the corporate ladder to focus on the idea that helping people and pets can not only be good for our souls and community–but also a profitable and scalable business model that makes real impact. (Also known as the theory of #socialenterprise.)

This year’s goal? “Don’t go broke.”

This year’s achievement was a six-figure business that’s working with international leaders and dynamic startups who are shaping the cause marketing and pet industry. And a team that’s filled with amazing and passionate subject matter experts who inspire me to make this all work FOR THEM. So I can work more with them.

So today’s thoughts:

  • WOW.
  • How fast this year has gone.
  • How much more I believe in it now.
  • How amazed and eternally grateful I am to our clients that prove the model each and every day.
  • How amazed and eternally grateful I am to our team that kicks ass, takes names and will move heaven and earth to get things done.
  • How much we’ve all achieved together.
  • How much is possible once we really learn to fly together.

I can’t wait.

Learn more about ’cause Digital Marketing, or our social-good arm, AdvoCats (and Dogs, too)

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