Maine Women Magazine Reveals Passion Behind ‘cause Digital Marketing


Not long ago, our Founder, Jane Harrell, was featured in Maine Women Magazine as a passionate digital marketer who found a calling helping others fulfill their calling. From climbing the corporate ladder to launching (and exceeding all projected goals) with ‘cause Digital Marketing’s growth, Jane continues to display her passion for helping pet businesses establish and define their brand’s purpose.

Here at ‘cause Digital Marketing, we thrive on helping our clients fine-tune “the need to do well […] to keep doing good in the world.”

If you’ve recently caught yourself asking:
Am I making the right move? Or, how am I ever going to make this a career?

We can, and would love to, help you refuel your passion for your pet business and profession . Go ahead, ask us how and check out our 1:1 coaching packages with Jane to help you get on the right path.

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