Pet Business Marketing

Pet Business Marketing

Public Relations Review Podcast – Why Every Business Is a Pet Business

At ‘cause Digital, we understand that pets are a globally relevant topic for every business. Even Forbes magazine says more than 62% of Americans own pets and brand managers are taking notice. We recently guest-starred with Peter Woolfolk on the Public Relations Review Podcast to discuss why there has been an influx of pets used […]

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The Difference Between Service, Therapy & Emotional Support Animals

  Service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support animals all fulfill important roles in aiding their humans, but the terms are not interchangeable. Each role is specifically defined, both in terms of the jobs and the legal rights offered.  We outlined the differences between each in our article on animalplanet.com, but in light of latest DOT […]

The 2020 Dog Behaviour BUSINESS Conference

On October 3-4, join Victoria Stilwell and rock-star pet business experts for a special one-time event created specifically to provide Petpreneurs with the knowledge and confidence to run a more rewarding and profitable pet business: The Dog Behaviour Business Conference. Learn from powerhouse experts ‘cause Digital Marketing Founder Jane Harrell will share her social media […]

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How To Approach Animal Shelters for Successful Cross-Promotions

Have you been wondering how your business might work together with your local animal shelter? At ‘cause Digital Marketing, we have over three decades of animal welfare experience and have created successful cross-promotions for both largest and smallest animal welfare groups and businesses. We know you want your business to succeed AND to change the […]

30+ Opportunities to Build Your Authority Through Guest Writing

  Build Authority as a Guest Writer You’re bright, you’re driven, you’re insightful—you’ve got a unique spin on your industry. You’re an expert and you know you have something awesome to share! But how do you let the world know?  Guest writing for established blogs and media outlets can launch your name and ideas onto […]

FREE Revenue-Accelerating Tool & Worksheet

The ‘cause team has used its expertise and know-how in the pet industry to create a workbook that will help you get clear, get focused, and get more income – even during a pandemic! Ready to build more freedom and fulfillment in your pet business? Or simply want the low-down on how to survive during […]

Drink Up, Kitty Cat!

At the start of 2020, the ‘cause team brought on board a badass Client Project Specialist, whom we call THE Susan Greene. When she’s not completely rocking her title and exceeding client expectations with us, she’s heading up her role as director of a cat rescue in Central NYS.   Recently, she shared her top tips […]

Dealing With Online-Haters? Use These 5 Tactics To Counteract Negative Reviews

Most pet professionals detest online reviews – especially negative ones that, these days, can make or break your business. Fear not, Petpreneur, our Founder, Jane Harrell, recently showed Pets+ Magazine how you can turn those online haters into a big positive for your business. Here’s a sneak peek on where to start: Monitor your online […]

COVID Can’t Stop Your Business’ Virtual Presence

Jane Harrell, ‘cause Digital Founder, recently shared with Pets+Magazine a few overlooked but impactful ways pet businesses can stay in front of customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using these five creative social strategies can help your pet business stay top-of-mind, build your online audience and drive sales: If you’re in pet retail, get on Pinterest. […]

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