Pet Business Marketing

Pet Business Marketing
ice breaking in animal rescue

Rescue & Relax: Thoughts on Ice-Breaking in Animal Welfare

There’s a moment where you see it take hold – the icy sheen of fear starts to melt away as warmth and understanding take its place. I live in a series of these moments.

should cats be kept outside Article: Should Cats Be Allowed Outside?

SheKnows and our founder take on the age-old debate of indoor versus outdoor cats.

pet rental Article: How to Find Pet-Friendly Rentals

Did you know this is one of the primary reasons pets are given up for adoption? Find out how to make a change and encourage pet-friendly rentals.

dog breath Article: Surprising Causes for Doggy Breath

Doggy breath isn’t so innocent after all. Our founder teams up with SheKnows to raise awareness about when it’s time to see a vet.

destressing Article: De-Stressing Your Life With Dog

Pets have benefits for sterss levels, but it’s also true that they can add some complications to our lives. Our founder takes on how to make living with dog easier.

taking flight with social profit

Taking Flight: A Year into the Social Profit Experiment

A year ago today I jumped off the corporate ladder to focus on the idea that helping people and pets can not only be good for our souls and community – but also a profitable and scalable business model that makes real impact. (Also known as the theory of #socialenterprise)

animal hospital

15 Factors That Attract Buyers of Veterinary Hospitals

No matter your feelings about the trend, investment is flowing and consolidators have taken an increasing share of the veterinary services market. What might lead to an increase in purchase price in the current market?

dog tongue Article: Why Dog Tongues Are Amazing

Just for fun and adorableness, we take on that facinating feature: the dog tongue.

cat tongues Article: Fascinating Facts About Cat Tongues

They’re weird, bristl-y and it’s rare to see them up-close. But what don’t we know about these feline features?