Pet Business Marketing

Pet Business Marketing

Want Excellent Online Reviews, Petpreneur? Use These 6 Simple Steps

Most pet professionals detest online reviews. You know potential clients will be reading them – so they can’t be ignored – yet just thinking of reading or asking for reviews adds a whole new level of stress.  Our founder, Jane Harrell, recently showed Pets+ Magazine how to amp up your online reviews and eliminate that stress. …

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Voice Search Is Changing The Way Pet Owners Find Veterinarians

DVM 360 Magazine recently got insider information from ‘cause Digital Founder, Jane Harrell, on how voice-driven technology is impacting local searches – and your veterinary practice. This article breaks down: What voice search technology is.  How it gives you answers.  Why it matters to your practice.  Read the full article on DVM 360 for some …

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The ’cause Digital Marketing Veterinary Client Perception Survey 2018

In attempt to measure and analyze how dog and cat owners perceive their veterinary clinics, and their understanding of the clinic’s involvement in good works, ‘cause Digital Marketing launched a Veterinary Client Survey in August of 2018. The results provided a baseline for what clients and pet owners perceived to be true about their pet organizations.

Maine Women Magazine Reveals Passion Behind ‘cause Digital Marketing

Not long ago, our Founder, Jane Harrell, was featured in Maine Women Magazine as a passionate digital marketer who found a calling helping others fulfill their calling. From climbing the corporate ladder to launching (and exceeding all projected goals) with ‘cause Digital Marketing’s growth, Jane continues to display her passion for helping pet businesses establish and define their brand’s purpose.

asking for help

Leadership Meditation: The Power of Asking for Help

Let me take a moment to be be bold and say – most people want to help yet most people fear asking for help. It’s quite the conundrum but there’s good reason for it. Asking for help can be really, really, hard.

facebook fundraising

How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook Fundraisers: A Step-By-Step Guide How does an organization get approved for fundraising on Facebook? Facebook’s fundraising functionality is open to any qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit that completes their verification process. Steps to get approved: 1. Gather your charity’s data. You will need: a) Charity’s tax ID number b) Address & DOB of charity’s CEO or …

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Interview with INC.com: These 5 PPC Advertising Blunders Will Cost You

“Set it and forget it” is a common misconception for pet brands trying to gain leverage in the digital marketing world, but it can cost you. Our Founder, Jane Harrell, was recently interviewed by INC.com, and shared the top 5 online ad mistakes we see businesses committing all the time.

is facebook dead

Is Facebook Dead for Pet Businesses?

Facebook is creating a lot of waves recently. Amid their data collection scandals, Zuckerberg’s announcement earlier this year that the company is de-emphasizing branded content and everything else, it’s easy to wonder: Should my pet business bother using Facebook anymore? This question was recently posed, ironically, in a Facebook pet-business group I belong to. Plenty …

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social media team

Social Media Systems for Pet Businesses: Teams & How to Work Together

Are you in charge of managing a social media account (or multiple) where there are several players involved in getting the content out? Here’s a quick system for keeping all paddles going in the same direction.

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