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Pet Business Marketing
pet writer confessions

The Secret Reason I’ll Always Be a Pet Writer

When I left being Editor-in-Chief for Pet Health Network to start a digital marketing firm catering to pet brands that make real impact, I never imagined I’d have such a chance to return to my writing roots so often. Here’s why I do, and why I’ll never stop.

Trends Coverstory: Parasite-Free-Pet DIY Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to running campaigns, ‘cause Digital Marketing knows where your pet business should start and stop – plus all the little things in between. In a coverstory for AAHA’s Trends Magazine, our Founder, Jane Harrell broke down a simple-to-use marketing campaign that grows client compliance and loyalty. Take a look at these 5 …

Trends Coverstory: Parasite-Free-Pet DIY Marketing Campaigns Read More »

Maine writing awards judge

Maine Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Why It Matters

As an adult business owner for whom writing is a substantial part of my life, it felt like a natural fit to say yes a few years ago when I was asked to be a judge. “Sure! Why not?” Said before the hours of combing through and scrupulously grading and providing constructive feedback were contemplated.

pet healthcare

Another Thing Pets Teach Us – Why HUMAN Healthcare Spending is So High

Recently a group of MIT economists have taken up the subject of examining why spending in human healthcare is so high — and are using our care for our pets as a model.

Mars acquires VCA Antech

VCA Antech Acquired by Mars

VCA Antech joins the ranks of Banfield, Royal Canin, IAMS, Eukanuba, Pedigree and more under the MARS Inc umbrella, adding laboratory diagnostic capability to some of the largest US-based networks of veterinary practices.

voice search

What Pet Businesses Need to Know About Voice Search

Voice search is quickly becoming a main way pet owners find information. Find out what this means for you and for your pet business.

vet rehab

DVM360 Feature: 10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Veterinary Rehab Services

I recently had the honor and privilege of writing an article for DVM360 about 10 simple ways practices can promote their rehab services to clients. This was a really fun one to do, both because I got to connect with some fantastic and inspiring veterinary professionals and because it really helps prove that a little …

DVM360 Feature: 10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Veterinary Rehab Services Read More »

AAHA Trends Magazine: Demystifying Website Analytics

I recently wrote a piece for AAHA’s Trends Magazine and it was selected as this month AAHA’s Trends magazine cover story. It was important that I provide real, useable advice and data that veterinary practices could take and use.

emailing millennials

3 Email Marketing Takeaways From New Millennial Case Study

I often get asked by pet businesses how often they should be sending email — and whether it’s effective, so I wanted to share this recent case study. The key takeaways really reinforce what we’re seeing market-wide in the pet industry as well.

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