Pet Business Marketing

Pet Business Marketing
emailing millennials

3 Email Marketing Takeaways From New Millennial Case Study

I often get asked by pet businesses how often they should be sending email — and whether it’s effective, so I wanted to share this recent case study. The key takeaways really reinforce what we’re seeing market-wide in the pet industry as well.

groomers kidney disease

Groomer to Groomer Magazine: The Dog Groomer’s Role in Spotting Kidney Disease

Want to help clients take better care of their pets AND increase that client’s loyalty? Make sure to know these signs of kidney disease so you can give your client a heads up that a vet visit is in order!

vet quiz

Veterinary Practice News: SEO Quiz Time How Does Your Practice Rank?

Are your clients finding what they need and want on your practice’s website? How findable is your veterinary practice’s website for new and prospective clients? Test your knowledge with this quick and fun quiz!

jumping off the corporate ladder challenge accepted

Challenge Accepted: Moving On From The Corporate World

After 2 1/2 amazing years with IDEXX and Pet Health Network, I’m excited to announce that I’m taking on the next big challenge — starting my own digital, content and social media strategy company (with a specialty in the pet industry, of course!)

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