Article: De-Stressing Your Life With Dog


We love our dogs. We take them for regular check-ups and walks. We make sure they have the best caretakers and quality nutrition.

But, let’s face it — sometimes life as a dog mom can be stressful. From Fido pooping in the house to incessant barking to unexpected medical bills, your blood pressure can skyrocket in seconds.

And unfortunately for some dogs, fairly fixable instances like these can break down that dog-human bond, landing dogs in shelters.

This week the team connected with the excellent experts at PetCoach to collect some simple tips for how to handle six of the biggest stressors us dog parents face:


Who’s going to walk the dog (and other family arguments)

Housetraining hassles

Vet bills and emergencies

Moving with dog

Finding a trusted pet caretaker when you’re traveling

Check them out above, then help de-stress your client’s dog lives by sharing!

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