SheKnows.com Article: Surprising Causes for Doggy Breath

dog breath

Have you ever woken up to Sunday morning puppy kisses and ended up with more “ick, that stinks!” than “awwww, that’s cute”?

You’re not alone.

“Certainly ‘eau de doggie breath’ isn’t going to make it as a cologne any time soon,” jokes veterinarian Dr. Christie Long in her tips for assessing your dog’s health at home, “but it should smell mostly benign.”

When that breath veers off into the “eww, that stinks” range, pet parents are likely missing a problem.

Now, if you work in veterinary medicine, you can probably guess what these are, but can your clients? Share the most-common and weirdest causes of stinky dog breath – including what may make your dog’s breath smell like urine, nail polish remover and more to help your pet parent clients understand a fundamental reason for regular checkups – and give them a fun and entertaining learning experience at the same time!

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