Trending Tuesday Report: Fake News and Best in Show

whippet wins crufts


Whippet Wins Best in Show at Crufts, Sight Hound-Lovers Go Wild

Our Take:

Is your brand a big sight hound fan? Go! Write! Share! NOW. Making a fun story that’s brand related and truly timely like this can be editorial gold, but only if it’s truly relevant to your brand and turned around quickly. Boost with AdWords and Facebook ads to make a bigger impact.

MIT Conducts Largest Study of Fake News, Social Scientists Sigh

Our Take:

An important one for anyone working in social media marketing to know about, this study found that fake news is almost 70% more likely to get RTed than real news.

Waggle Foundation Launches New Hope For Pets and Families in Veterinary Crisis

Our Take:

Having reached over 400,000 pet lovers in a few days on a shoe string budget, this beta-launch seeks to help keep 500,000+ pets in homes each year through one simple premise – together we’re stronger. At ’cause, we’re so proud to be playing a part in a project that has such traction and potential.




National Poison Prevention Week

Our Take:

Spring time is coming (despite the white-out conditions). Help pet parents ditch those daffodils and understand what pet-friendly spring plants to plan.

National Puppy Day 3/23

Our Take:

Cuteness reigns, but does this really have to do with your brand and message? Share only if it does. Otherwise, there’s plenty else to work on.


(Ok, not about pet parents or pets, but still great stuff.)

The Ugly Truth About Most Heroic Leadership Models

Our Take:

What’s your (and your boss’s or employee’s) leadership style? The answer just may be the biggest indicator of the future of your organization.

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