Trending Tuesdays Report: Dog Parks

first day at dog park


Puppy’s First Trip to the Dog Park!

Our Take:

This simple, personal post about dog parks was first published in Australia and quickly became a top trending story all over the world. This may be because people connected with the author’s examination of the unique communities that form at dog parks, both between people and dogs. If dog parks are relevant to your brand, your audience may appreciate this story and your perspective on the connections found

How Tropical Fish Get Caught & Sold

Our Take:

While most of us are aware of the trade, little documentation exists about how tropical fish actually make it to those tanks. Nat Geo’s article tells the story of how saltwater fish end up in aquariums around the world and has gone viral. If your brand is relevant to sea life or conservation, this is a quick, photo-rich post that sheds some light on this under-researched trade.

Tragic Kennel Fire in Michigan

Our Take:

Warning: This is a very sad story. Late last week a fire broke out at a boarding kennel in Michigan, taking the lives of around 30 dogs. This tragic story is one pet businesses should be aware of and, if boarding pets is relevant to your business, you might consider reaching out to your community about it. While it is primarily a time for sending condolences to grieving families, this may also be an opportunity to respectfully engage in a discussion about safety precautions and kennel conditions.

Facebook Unveils New Privacy Settings

Our Take:

This past week Facebook unveiled new privacy settings in response to all the bad press it’s been getting. The next day, however, this leaked memo once again called the company’s intentions into question. Facebook is the largest social media network by far and public trust in the platform is an important story to be aware of.






National Siamese Cat Day 4/6

Our Take:

Here’s a day to celebrate one of the most recognizable cats in the world! This is a great time to connect with your cat-loving community by sharing photos and videos of Siamese cats, as well as spreading the word about any in need of adoption.

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day 4/8

Our Take:

Every year the ASPCA leads the charge to eradicate this brutal form of cruelty to animals. If this topic connects with your brand’s mission, you can encourage your community to sign the petition, take selfies with their dogs, and donate to the cause at the above link. Make sure to use the hashtag #GetTough!


(Ok, not about pet parents or pets, but still great stuff.)

Why We Don’t Do What We Know We Should

Our Take:

Leading yesterday’s Working with Dog Clarity call inspired me to find this for today. So often we have the path laid out before us, know the steps we need to take but need to find the thing holding us back from that first step…

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