Trending Tuesdays Report: The Apology Note

dog apology note

Notable News

Rescue Cat to the Rescue!

Our Take:

If your brand’s mission involves pet adoption, this trending story about the mental health benefits of caring for an animal is a great conversation starter. Share with the hashtag #rescuecats and consider asking your audience to comment with how their own pets have improved their quality of life.

Dogs Steal Postal Worker’s Lunch, Send Apology Note

Our Take:

This ridiculously cute exchange between a couple dogs and their mail carrier has gone viral. It’s an easy share for any dog-loving audience and a heartwarming example of people treating each other with kindness.

Hooray for JetBlue!

Our Take:

When Darcy the bulldog got sick on a flight, these flight attendants may have saved her life by providing ice and an oxygen mask. With all the negative pets-on-planes press recently, this is a good example of how airlines should behave toward these precious family members.




All American Pet Photo Day 7/11

Our Take:
This Wednesday is pet photo day, which means you should all be posting photos of your pets with the hashtag #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay. It’s also a great day to celebrate the work of your favorite pet photographers.

National Pet Fire Safety Day 7/15

Our Take:

Every year half a million pets are affected by fires in homes. This Sunday is the day to remind your community of the importance of taking precautions and having a plan to keep pets safe. Use the hashtag #PetFireSafetyDay when you post and, if you’re not sure what to post, Google search that hashtag to see what’s currently trending.


(Ok, not about pet parents or pets, but still great stuff.)

The Most Important Question of Your Life

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