3 Email Marketing Takeaways From New Millennial Case Study

emailing millennials

I often get asked by pet businesses how often they should be sending email — and whether it’s effective, so I wanted to share this recent case study by Dormify.

The key takeaways really reinforce what we’re seeing market-wide in the pet industry as well:

1. Worry less about volume of email and more about your value proposition

What are you giving your readers/subscribers that’s of value TO THEM?

2.  Be sure to segment your lists as much as possible

There’s a big difference in sending email to a 22 year old millennial with a senior dog and a 39 year old mom with three kids and a cat. Different needs, different problems, different value.

3. Sales and coupons aren’t enough

While they can be powerful drivers, try providing value to your customers in a way they will remember and share — like helping solve a problem instead of giving them 5% off every time you contact them.

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