Social Media Systems for Pet Businesses: Creating House Rules

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Community Systems: Creating House Rules

Resources for creating and providing community guidelines for social media

When setting up and considering your animal welfare organization’s social media channels, it’s important to think of three sets of guidelines that will help you set expectations, guide meaningful discussions and block inappropriate behavior in a fair and unbiased manner:

1. How the public engages with you and each other on your brand’s channels

a) Commenting policy
b) What behavior is and is not allowed on the page
c) When someone will be removed or blocked

2. How staff represents and talks about your organization on their own social channels

a) What they’re welcome to share and what they should not

3. How volunteers engage with and represent your organization on social media

a) Can they identify themselves as your reps?
b) Can they post photos or videos?
c) How active should they be in talking about their experiences with you?

Thankfully, you don’t have to do so from scratch. Our sister site, Social Media For Animals, has a library of resources, guidelines and templates your animal welfare organization can take, adjust for your needs and use — all for free.

Click here to view the full library.

Or just visit the policies for:

Social Media Commenting Policy Example

Employee Social Media Policy Example – Animal Shelter

Social Media Standards & Guidelines – Animal Shelter

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