’cause Digital Marketing Announces Change of Business Ownership

Courtney Cash, Owner of 'cause Digital Marketing

’cause Digital Marketing Announces Change of Business Ownership

Pendergrass, GA, 8/10/2023 — ’cause Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency known for its innovative strategies and commitment to social impact, especially in the pet space, is excited to announce an immediate change in business ownership.

Former President and Founder, Jane Harrell shares, “I am proud of the legacy we’ve built at ’cause Digital Marketing over the past 7+ years, serving some of the smartest, most heart-driven and forward-thinking start-ups and solopreneurs, as well as some of the world’s largest business leaders. New Owner and President Courtney Cash has been an integral part of the ‘cause Digital Marketing journey as a Senior Strategist. She brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience that will undoubtedly take the agency to new heights.”

Courtney brings her extensive experience in pet health and behavior and the marketing and communications sector and merges it with her passion for creating sustainable change for businesses trying to do good and put good back into the world. “I’m thrilled to be stepping into this role and carrying forward the exceptional work that ‘cause Digital Marketing is known for. We remain committed to our clients’ success, following in Jane’s footsteps to create, build and solidify a more sustainable way of life for businesses large and small. Our focus will remain on affordable and innovative strategies that not only drive business growth but also contribute to the greater good.”

Courtney and Jane have worked hand-in-hand to make this a seamless transition for the current clients of ‘cause Digital Marketing. Jane is staying on as a Senior Strategist and the current team of strategists is committed to remaining with the agency. Current projects will continue without disruption, and the entire team is excited to explore new opportunities.

For more information about Cause Digital Marketing and its services, please visit www.jamesl501.sg-host.com Media inquiries can be directed to Courtney Cash at courtney@jamesl501.sg-host.com or 706-362-4385.



‘cause Digital Marketing
Courtney Cash, President
PO Box 358
Pendergrass, GA 30567

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