Master Your Email Newsletter In These 5 Steps


Do you dread sending a business newsletter? You’re not alone. In fact, our Founder and President, Jane Harrell, put off creation of a newsletter for ‘cause Digital for three years because she wanted to make sure what we’d share would help solve a problem rather than add clutter to your inbox.

Once created, the ‘cause Digital newsletter became so popular that it exceeded industry averages by 4x!

We recently shared the secret sauce of how to do just this with Pets+ Magazine.

In short, six steps are critical to your newsletter’s success

  1. Understand the value to your business. 
  2. Understand who you’re speaking to. 
  3. Understand what value you’re providing them. 
  4. Forget about rigid features – keep it simple.
  5. Give them a clear next step or action to take. 

Read the full article on Pets+ Magazine for more details on how to implement these tactics. If you’re interested in even more details, contact us and let’s talk!

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