Want Excellent Online Reviews, Petpreneur? Use These 6 Simple Steps

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Most pet professionals detest online reviews. You know potential clients will be reading them – so they can’t be ignored – yet just thinking of reading or asking for reviews adds a whole new level of stress. 

Our founder, Jane Harrell, recently showed Pets+ Magazine how to amp up your online reviews and eliminate that stress. Here’s a sneak peek on where to start:

  1. Create a short customer satisfaction survey. 
  2. Don’t let your own fear drive your questions. 
  3. Automatically trigger your survey after purchase.
  4. Approach your happiest clients about doing a review.
  5. Make it easy and tell them where to go. 
  6. Say thank you. 

If you want to learn how to turn your review stress into strategic action for more positive reviews, hop on over to the full article on six simple steps to getting great online reviews.

If you’re dreading facing online reviews for your business and want to speak to us about it, we’d love to help.

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