Why Your Pet Business Should Be on Pinterest


Okay, Petpreneur, take these Pinterest fast facts in for a moment:

  • 482 million monthly active users
  • 1.5 billion Pins saved every week
  • 85% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase from a Pin
  • 80% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest

That’s a lot of people and traffic and OPPORTUNITY, don’t ya think? Our Pinterest Booster clients are seeing a lot of organic traffic on this platform, and you could be, too!

Pinterest is pretty unique among social media platforms.

Here are some key differences you need to know about:

Pinners are looking for graphics and then copy that grabs their attention. This may make it seem a lot like Instagram, but it’s actually more like Google. Keywords and hashtags help pinners find your content. Using keywords — without overdoing it — in your content descriptions, boards and pin names is important.

Pinners aren’t there to be social, per se. This isn’t to say there is no social activity there — people do comment on pins — but users are really there to be inspired. People use Pinterest to find new ideas. For pet businesses, Pinterest can be used to advertise and promote to potential customers and show them what their life or their pet’s life could be with your product or service.

Pinterest content doesn’t age out. Unlike every other social channel, pins don’t get buried as time passes. Instead, they grow in traffic and accessibility. This means the more people who repin your content, the more likely it is to be seen over time — even years later.

Purchasing is easy with Pinterest. Unlike other visual social media like Instagram, Pinterest makes click-throughs and purchasing easy. Each pin can have a link to drive traffic to a landing page, a blog post, a product page, opt-in pages, e-commerce sites or wherever else you want the pinner to go. Recently, Pinterest announced that it is making it even easier for retailers on the platform by allowing shopping from boards, search results, pins and style guides.

Don’t forget the hashtags on Pinterest. Other platforms often use hashtags that add flair to the post but are virtually useless otherwise. Not on Pinterest. Keep the cute #whenyourpupdigsyourpottedplants for Instagram and select keyword-rich hashtags for Pinterest. Hashtag best practices for Pinterest include:

  • Popular one-word hashtags: #dogs, #love
  • Location hashtags: #georgia, #sandiego
  • Brand hashtags: #causedigitalmarketing, #bigdogbakery
  • Cause hashtags: #adoptdontshop, #nonprofit

So, how does Pinterest work?

Pinterest runs on boards where your profile shares and re-shares content. Folks can choose to follow you, all of your boards, or just one of your boards, meaning your audience can segment themselves to get only what they’re most interested in. This.Is.Marketing.Gold. Not only can you see what your audience wants to really see, you can use that insight to build new products and offerings they want.

The catch? Pinterest works differently than other social platforms, and there’s a bit of website work you’ll need to do to get it singing. If this sounds scary, enlist the help of a Pinterest expert from a reputable digital marketing agency.

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